What our clients are saying about our service

I have utilised Rob Barker's services since late 2010 when I decided to take a big step in starting up my own business – Think Specialist Recruitment. Rob played an important role in helping set up the company by registering the business with Companies House, arranging our VAT registration and setting up the accounting tools I required for us to begin trading. The company officially launched in January 2011 and since this time Rob has spent a couple of hours per month reconciling our accounts, preparing payroll and ensuring that I was on top of the finances.

As a start up business, and as someone whose expertise is very much outside of accounting, Rob's help was instrumental in making sure that I knew how the company was performing against targets and that our finances were in order. I'm fully aware of the company financials and I am always on time in paying VAT and payments to HMRC! As we now approach the end of our second year, we are proving to be a profitable business and Rob's help has ensured a smooth running of our accounts.

I am very happy to recommend Rob's services to any start up businesses, small companies or entrepreneurs who need to free up their time for business critical tasks without having to worry about bookkeeping, payroll or any other finance and company secretarial duties.

Chris Jones, Think Specialist Recruitment


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